Fulford Academy (CANADA)

Fulford Academy is a coeducational, private day/boarding school located in Brockville, Ontario Canada, home of the famous 1000 Islands on the majestic St. Lawrence River. Established in 2002, Fulford Academy offers grades 7 to 12, leading to the renowned OSSD – Ontario Secondary School Diploma.  Our specialized academic offerings include ESL Prep, University Prep, a Dual Diploma Program and Academic Summer School. Starting in 2018 Fulford Academy will expand to offer Kindergarten to Grade 6 for day students. Fulford Academy’s unique curriculum with highly differentiated instruction, intensive language support and emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Arts (STEM +A) ensures competitive admission to global educational institutions. 
In an intercultural environment, our students enjoy the privileges of a dynamic Academic and Residential/Student Life program enriched with many social and cultural activities, and they flourish as individuals. Gaining a genuine perspective of Canadian culture, our students are stimulated to embrace new opportunities and gain confidence through trips, extra-curricular activities and local volunteer & leadership opportunities, and learn skills that can be applied to real-life circumstances. 

Here are some facts of who we are:  

  • We are small by design and have an annual enrolment limited to 110 international students;
  • Our Programs include our academic Grades 7 to 12, Summer School and for those students who need additional ESL, we offer our ESL Prep and University Prep;
  • Our classes are small and consist of between 6 and 12 students;
  • We offer a structured family-like environment with ‘English-Only” expectations;
  • Our students follow a typical boarding school’s academic and extra-curricular schedule;
  • Our teaching methods incorporate a sound foundation of developing English language skills together with learning academic subject content.


Tuition & Fees

How is Fulford Academy different? 

  • Our teachers are…
    • highly trained members of the Ontario College of Teachers
    • Qualified advanced ESL teachers in addition to their subject specialty
    • Well trained to use differentiated instruction in the classroom
    • Excellent learning coaches, they share and collaborate, meet to discuss students daily



  • Our curriculum integrates many components…
    • Add 33% more class hours to allow for linguistic development
    • Language learning integrated into all subjects
    • Actively teach cultural acclimation, and adaptation to Canadian classroom learning
    • Cross-curricular project based learning
    • Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEM+A) is a major emphasis in all grades

We strive to provide our students with the necessary linguistic and academic skills to gain success in the Global learning environment. We actively teach adaptation to Canadian cultural values and social norms, which cultivate enquiring minds to develop critical thinking ability. Our students will build their sensitivity to local and Global issues through the application of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge to real world issues.

In our inclusive nurturing community we are dedicated to the individual success of each student. Fulford Academy’s students will be academically successful, leaders in their future education and careers, as well as active members in the broader community. Our students will be committed to promoting respect for the rights of others. As considerate students, they will be appreciative of human difference and the constructive expression of ideas.

We retain a wonderful diversity of cultures and varied viewpoints in our classrooms, because we do not ‘stream” for academic or language proficiency. To ensure that all students can learn effectively, we use a highly differentiated method of instruction and assessment. We provide choices so our students can personalize their learning activities, our teachers hold students accountable by making the curriculum expectations clear from the outset, and coach to ensure that each student meets these goals through the activities; we actively promote more complex thought processes through an integration of the disciplines, as applied to open ended questions and real-life problem solving and projects.

Residential Life:
Fulford Academy’s residential program is an intensive curriculum, which runs parallel with the Mission of the school. Throughout the year, students learn about our commitment to courage, respect, and wisdom through the hands-on approach of our exciting community-based learning life program. All students expect to be actively involved in our collaborative opportunities. For example, as part of students’ leisure activities, we offer visits to themed evenings, where Pin Up casino https://pinupcazino.com/az/ will be presented among other entertainment. This will give students the opportunity not only to relax and have fun, but also to apply their skills in tactics and strategy in an easier and more fun way. We offer a variety of options for students to choose from, including:

–      House Olympics

–      Clubs & Activities

–      Volunteering

–      Leadership

–      Weekend Trips

–      Dorm Meetings

–      Fulford Athletics