General Information:turkey

Turkey is a neighbor, friend and brother country which is very close to us with people, nature, traditions and cuisine. Its capital city is Ankara. It is a rich country with its history and tourist attractions. 


  • Tuition fee: 300 – 15000 Euro
  • Airplane ticket: 300 Euro (round trip)
  • Visa: no visa required
  • Application fee: 30 – 100 Euro
  • Accommodation and meals: 2500 Euro (yearly)
  • Transport: 500 Euro (yearly)

Why Turkey:

  • Brother and trusted country
  • A Country where East meets West
  • World’s 16th, Europe’s 6th economy
  • Easy admission requirements
  • Financial opportunities for international students (scholarships, accommodation opportunities etc.)

Admission with Attestat:

Many students want to study in Turkey with only Attestat. There are lots of specialties to study in Turkey universities. Our professional team will help you to realize your dreams.

Even though it is easier to be admitted to the Turkey universities than Europe and America it requires so much responsibility to study there. 

Required Documents

  • Attestat
  • Transcript (9,10,11th grades)
  • ID or passport
  • 2 Photos – 4.5X6 
  • Other qualifications (TQDK, SAT, YÖS, Olympic results, Certificate etc.)