Why Czech?
More than 43,000 foreign students are currently enrolled in the Czech Republic. Czech is distinguished by the authoritative universities, unique concept, diverse qualifications, affordable tuition fees and living costs, the vibrant and colorful cultural life in the heart of Europe.
Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe, was established in 1348.

Education Language
Education language is mainly Czech and English. Some universities have specialties taught in Russian, German and French.

Education system
Duration of the undergraduate education is 3-4 years, graduate education is 1-3 years.
The winter semester lasts from September to December, and the Summer semester lasts from February to May.

Admission Requirements 
High school education and language certificate for Bachelor’s degree and Bachelor education in a related field and language certificate for Master’s degree. Entrance exam may be required (written test, online interview).

Application period
February – March

Tuition fee
Education in Czech language is free at state universities.
Tuition fee ranges from $ 0 to $ 22,350.

Living costs
Ranges from $ 350 to $ 750 monthly. This price includes accommodation, meals, transportation and other costs.

Czech Universities

There are 12 Czech universities among the TOP 200 Eastern Europe and Central Asia universities.

Charles University, ranked 4th, is considered to be the best and widest university in the Czech Republic. Education languages are Czech, English, German and French. More than 53,000 students are enrolled at this university. This University is the most prestigious university among international students. Charles University emphasizes the development of international cooperation implemented on the basis of a network of inter-university agreements. This network currently includes almost 200 partner universities from all over the world. One of the peculiarities of the University is the availability of medical education in English.

Czech Technical University in Prague is Czech’s second best, oldest and largest university. Education languages are Czech, English and Russian. This university is famous for its engineering programs. There are world-renowned personalities among the alumni of this university. One of them is physicist Christian Doppler, who is named after the Doppler Effect.