Why Hungary?hungary

  • It is a country with a low crime rate where people don’t bother each other;
  • It is one of the most important countries in the European Union and other countries in the world that students prefer to pursue university education;
  • Hungary is one of the five countries in Europe that provide the best education;
  • Duration of the Bachelor education is 3 years;
  • Education languages are English and Hungarian;
  • After graduating from Hungary foreign students have right to work and live in Hungary for 1 year;
  • After a semester study at a Hungarian university, you will have an opportunity to receive free university education in any European country through Erasmus and Socrates student exchange programs.

Education and Living Costs

  • Tuition fee: €3.000-11.000 / year
  • Living costs: €600 / monthly average

Some Universities

  • University of Debrecen – It is an internationally renowned and prestigious university which is very popular for its medicine faculty. There are many other fields including Management, Social Sciences, Humanities etc.
  • Corvinus University of Budapest – One of the high-level universities in Hungary which is internationally renowned for its Academic achievements and international academic connections. You can study International Management, Sociology, Food Engineering etc.
  • University of Szeged – One of the most important universities in Hungary and Central Europe. It is very popular in medicine. You can study medicine, agriculture, arts, economics and business administration, Music, Science and Informatics.